AsiaServ Indonesia

Wellhead Integrity Assessment Program

Dedicated in delivering quality with reliable products and services, we provide a tailor made services to our customers’ needs and requirements to improve their operational efficiency.

Wellhead Integrity Assessment Program shall include but not limited to :

  • Visual Inspection and Recording
  • On-Line Leak Sealing
  • Freeing Frozen Valve and Hard to Operate
  • Wellhead & X-Mas Tree Valve Maintenance
  • Valve Leak Testing
  • Wellhead & X-Mas Tree Auxiliary Component Replacement
  • Wellhead & X-Mas Tree Cavity Diagnostics
  • Annulus Pressure Diagnostics
  • Wellhead & X-Mas Tree Preservation and Corrosion Protection

In-House Valve Refurbishment & Hydrostatic High Press. Testing

Experience in refurbishing a wide range of valves from many different manufactures from 2” – 9”, 3,000 to 10,000psi. This includes Gate Valve, Ball Valve, Check Valve, Positive and Adjustable Chokes, which carried out at our fully equipped workshop facility in Serpong. All necessary valves will be hydrostatic test according to customers request.

Seal-Tite International

A line of unique pressure activated sealants that are designed to seal high pressure repair jobs such as wellhead and tubing hanger leaks, sustained casing pressure and microannulus leaks, salt dome storage cavern leaks, subsea connection and umbilical Leaks, safety valve, production tubing and packer leaks and flowline leaks in well and hydraulic systems.

Citadel Technologies (Diamond Wrap)

Carbon Composite Wrap for interior and exterior pipe rehabilitation. Restoring corroded /eroded pipe and piping system to original design without the expense and hassle of extended down-times and isn’t limited to low temperature, low pressure system.