For new opportunities:

To be highly selective in targeting investment opportunities in a pro-active manner in developing countries in Central and SE Asia and Caspian region either blocks in under-explored hydrocarbon basins for the exploration of new fields, or existing discoveries that need appraisal and development or existing fields with untapped upside potential

Highlight strategy:

To become one of the leading independent upstream oil companies in SEA with diversified portfolio and with a main focus on Myanmar and Thailand through organic and balanced growth, by bringing best talented personal and best available technologies for cost efficient operations

For existing license areas:

01. To execute the committed work programmes timely and completely, making full use of our technical and operational know-how to carry out the work in an efficient and cost-effective manner, without jeopardizing our high HSE standards
02. To appraise, develop and produce new discoveries in the shortest possible time and at minimum costs, while maintaining good international oilfield standards


01. To attract suitable oil-company and/or financial partners to share the risk in exploration blocks and to share the CAPEX in large development projects
02. To cooperate with other license holders in the same area through joint operation agreements and/or possible equity swaps
03. To engage in cultural, social and community projects in the areas of operation