Why should you insist on Quality Assurance?

A drill string comprises numerous components and intricate specialty tools. Needless to say, the failure of any one component may lead to unaffordable rig downtime and financial losses. Quality of components therefore is of paramount importance while designing a drill string. This factor alone can affect the success of a drilling project.

We are committed to specification, implementation and monitoring of quality standards. We therefore, help you reduce equipment failures and total operating costs. We offer the following quality assurance services ranging from third-party witness of inspection procedures to comprehensive quality plans for multi-well projects.

  • Third party witness: We offer you third party witness services to enhance the effectiveness of your Quality Assurance plan
  • Comprehensive planning: We have a deep knowledge on designing effective Quality Assurance plans that take into consideration all critical variables.
  • Failure analysis: Learning forms a major part of avoiding failures. We undertake root cause analysis where a component of equipment has failed and determine the causes in an objective and scientific manner.
  • Infrastructure support: We provide skilled manpower on a short and long term basis to augment skills required for an oil well project.
  • Project monitoring: We offer professional project monitoring and in some cases, project management services to ensure on time and on budget completion of projects.
  • Inspection procedures: We lay down inspection procedures and processes that are accepted by all stake holders in a project. We follow internationally-accepted standards.

Third Party Inspection

We offer comprehensive third party inspection services in order to assure flawless execution of oil well projects. Our professionals have the experience to provide the surveillance that your company requires. Our inspectors specialise in:

  • Pressure Control Equipment
  • Drill Pipe
  • Fishing and Drilling Jars
  • Liner Hangers
  • Thru Tubing Interventions
  • Completion Systems
  • Tubular Running Services
  • Drilling Services
  • Sub Sea

Our customised third party inspection ensures that you benefit from our systems to monitor projects. We specialise in generating detailed reports on our inspection activities. Our third party inspection services offer the following benefits:

  • We detect variance from standard specifications as early as possible to avoid future failures
  • We monitor quality of products supplied by your vendors
  • We ensure compliance with standards, procedures and specifications

Our skilled and competent inspectors will help you identify the proper witness, hold, monitor and review points in your quality assurance plan. Our detailed reporting will keep your company up to date at all times.

Well-Specific Quality Assurance

At Reliant, we know from experience that each oil well project is different. Every well presents a unique set of trials and tribulations. There always are hidden risks, including the danger of mechanical or structural failure during drilling. We ensure that we maintain integrity of your drilling equipment as an essential step towards mitigating the risk of downhole failure while operating.

Whether drill string, landing string or casing and tubing, we can recommend and execute the optimal quality assurance plan for your drilling program. Based on the criticality of your operation, we will define the necessary inspection plan and thirdparty monitoring requirements to optimally balance your investment in quality assurance with the likelihood of failure. Some of the industry standards that we regularly use are NS-1, NS-2, DS-1, API RP7G-2/ ISO 10407-2:2008.

We also work directly with your vendors to ensure timely delivery of equipment to the rig. We are highly detail-oriented which means, we inspect every individual tool. This approach helps you avoid costly mistakes and non-productive time as you drill your well.

Infrastructure Support

At Reliant, we have the capability to work with your team to define and implement quality assurance plans that best fit the needs of your local infrastructure anywhere in the world. We can scale our teams up or down to engage with you on tricky single-well projects or even long-term multi-rig development programs.

We provide the following types of support:

  • Onsite support in monitoring projects
  • Top level or low level support
  • Onsite manpower wherever required
  • Planning services
  • Third party monitoring services
  • Project management services

We have an established chain of local offices and representatives in Asia Pacific. Therefore, we can place our inspectors in any country as required by you. With support from our technical management, our field technicians help you to prioritise your quality requirements and adjust to changing conditions while you focus on drilling your well. This attention to both high-level quality organisation and field-level thirdparty monitoring helps ensure that the equipment delivered to your rig will be fit for the purpose you intend at all times.

Failure Analysis

Independent analysis of component or system failure is extremely important in the oil and gas industry where stakes are very high. Our engineers and failure analysts are equipped to come up with independent expert opinions regarding material failure analysis. We are highly focussed on examining and testing materials to dispassionately evaluate the true causes behind your product failure. We have the skills, expertise and training to look at the whole picture and find truthful answers that you are looking for in order to prevent such incidents in the future and assigning responsibility to the right party.

Our engineers can identify the root cause of your component failure and help you provide solutions to prevent its occurrence in the future. The following example can illustrate the quality of our work:

    • A drilling services company contacted us when their well head removal /abandonment operation encountered problems. The tubing cutter had failed. Our investigation team ascertained the cause of the failure. We found that the rig was offset resulting in side load that bent the pipe. We could convincingly clear the service company’s name and get them back in business.

We focus on facts and have no vested interests whatsoever. We are professional and are committed only to facts. We send the inspected materials to accredited labs for testing and have put together a team of certified engineers and technical experts to advise our clients in a realistic way.

Vendor Quality Audits

Most companies fail to track and measure the cost of poor supplier quality (COPQ) incurred. This can affect a company’s bottom-line by up to 10%. During our inspection, it is our job to make sure that your vendor delivers the processes and procedures that were signed off during the selection process.

At Reliant, we specialise in various types of quality audits. We cover wide-ranging activities, from across-the-board review of quality systems to technical reviews of tool-assembly procedures. Our team of certified professionals is qualified to perform audits at both ends of this spectrum. We can identify and address issues right from the vendor shop level to your site. Whether using an industry-specific standard, internal procedure or other standards for operation; our auditor will compare actual practice to written documentation to measure supplier compliance as defined by your requirements.

Once we identify a quality issue, we recommend the first step to properly identify the root cause of the problem. Once we analyse the ‘root cause’, we recommend a Corrective Action Plan.

You can rely on our experience and technical expertise to provide actionable audit findings. We will always provide you with the information you need to drive quality improvement initiatives within your organisation.